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Here in Southeast Michigan we find ourselves in a Seller’s market.  Inventory is low and there are Buyer’s a plenty.  For a Seller, it’s a wonderful “problem” to have!  So why should a Seller consider staging their home?

In a seller’s market, home buyers are often purchasing at the top of their purchasing power.  This means that most buyers will have very little funds available, if any, to spend on any additional renovations or repairs upon purchase of the home and therefore the importance of a move-in ready home is higher than ever. Homes that are prepared properly will net the greatest return and largest quantity of offers.

Regardless of the market, most buyers have one thing in common – they do not have the time, or the desire to perform work on a new house, and thanks to popular television shows, a buyer’s expectations of a move-in ready home have never been greater.

In a seller’s market, home staging is the ultimate marketing tool! Home Staging could mean the difference between an offer and a bidding war.

How Home Staging Adds Value in a Seller’s Market: 

  • A professionally trained home stager can help to identify hidden value in a home. Home Staging utilizes merchandising techniques to showcase the best features of the home.
  • The goal of home staging is to clearly define the space, show proper scale, and create an emotional connection for buyers – this results in higher quality offers and is achieved through the necessary updates and repairs, proper furnishing, arranging, accessorizing, and essentially, merchandising of the space.
  • A home stager can help to identify the most cost-effective updates/repairs to address to help to avoid buyer uncertainty and allow the home sellers to skip any unnecessary expenses.
  • Working as a part of your home-selling team, a professional home stager will provide practical and creative solutions for showcasing your home.

I would love to be a part of your team!  Home staging is the best marketing tool that you can use – it could be the difference between an offer and a bidding war!

Please contact me here with any questions you  may have.

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